Simplified Data Warehousing for the Modern Enterprise.

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Easily Sync Your Data from Business Application to Data Warehouse.

Put Your Data to Work TODAY!


Our Technology

Sync data from your critical software applications to any Data Warehouse.

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APIs are interfaces designed to give automated access to data stuck in proprietary systems (Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, etc...).

API2SQL enables you to automatically pull the latest data from your line of business software applications.

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Load your data into on-premise or cloud-based data stores (SQL database, files, etc) securely.

Replace the entire table, or just append the new data using our intelligent optimization system.

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Embrace the analytics revolution with Business Intelligence and advanced analytics.

By using API2SQL you can leverage a simplified data warehouse strategy, even when your data is generated by other applications.

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  • Easy to use interface for configuration and scheduling

  • Three different data source / destination options

    • API, Files, SQL

  • Write your own functions to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) using our templates

  • Let us write ETL functions based on your needs

  • Encrypted credentials (Bring your own encryption key)

  • Automated E-mail Alerts and Retry on Failure

Our Vision

We are building a future that democratizes access to data for businesses and users of all levels of expertise. Data Warehousing and Analytics can be extremely complicated, let API2SQL and DEVHAWK simplify the setup process and ongoing maintenance of your data solutions.

Our Approach

API2SQL is a part of DEVHAWK's unique and simplified approach to Data Warehousing. By streamlining and standardizing the way we pull and store data from common APIs (Google, Facebook, etc.) we can onboard new API connections and setup automatic data pulling queues in a day or less. Contact us to learn more about how we can start syncing your data today.


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